Anonymous asked: Hey, even if you quit fanfiction writing, will you still be writing?

That’s hard to say because writing takes quite a bit of time and I’m not sure if all my creativity and imagination has run out already. However, I do have the urge to try poetry even though I know I’ll suck at it! :p

But thank you very much for asking. It means a lot! xx

I think after finishing the Warfare!Character results, I’m gonna call it quits for fanfiction writing.


Series: Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)
Pairing: Reader X Levi (Rivaille)

"In the arms of an angel
Fly away from here
From this dark, cold hotel room
And the endlessness that you fear…”

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Icon Batch: Lance Corporal Levi

Or Rivaille, depending on which spelling you prefer. I like him because he’s a badass and always has that “nigga plz” look on his face LOL.

Here’s a bunch of Levi icons that I’ve been making and editing, and I hope you guys find them to your liking. Links to the original art is given below, though some are missing or have been deleted. Click to see the rest! :)

           image  image  image  image

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tachibanging asked: on the idea of publishing on Quizilla again: yeah, don't do it. it's still extremely glitchy, and hardly anyone's on it anymore. i mean, if you wanna post on there, go for it, but a lot of fantastic writers left. there's only a small handful that remain from when you were active; it'd be like starting from the bottom again. might as well just stay on Tumblr.

Aww what a shame. It used to be really fun on QZ, too. I really miss everyone I got to know there. :c

Thank you for your honest reply! I’ll take it into consideration. :’D


Quiz Result - 4/10


Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing: Reader X Sheriff!America

There’s no telling what lays in between the distance of the desert and the barriers of the old, rustic town. There could be nasty criminals, but there could be famous heroes, too.

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toriouji asked: Hmm, judging from when I last used it, it's still pretty glitchy. O-overall though, I would have to say that the activity of the community has gone down a bit? At least from what I can judge~ ; w ; (This was too long for the reply limit so I just asked it instead--)

Oh man, so nothing’s changed much? That’s pretty bad. I guess that explains why not a lot of people went back.

Thanks for answering! :D

Should I start publishing on Quizilla again?

I temporarily left ‘Zilla because it was too frustrating.

Are there still any problems with the website? Or has things gotten better since I left?

Replies will be very appreciated. :3


I’m back in college and I didn’t write nor edit any of my stories. Am I just a washed up writer who has lost all her motivation? Maybe. But to be honest, writing isn’t exactly my forte to begin with.

If you want, you can unfollow me. There’s not gonna be any stories published for a while. And by that, I mean until June (if lucky). We’ll see what happens!


I haven’t been publishing/editing much because of school. Even if I did have free time, I left my old USB at home which has all my stories that need to be finished and revised.

I’m really sorry for not being active for so many months, but school is really crucial and I need to prioritize. I hope you guys understand!

And thank you for still following me all this time! I also really appreciate all you new followers! If you ever need to say or ask something, it’s better to contact me through my personal blog because I use it more often. I promise I’m a nice gal, so don’t be shy to stop by and introduce yourself!

That being said, I’ll start writing again when I get home for winter break.